• Rotacap. Duova 12mcg/18mcg

Rotacap. Duova 12mcg/18mcg

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Generic Name: Formoterol + Tiotropium
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Information about Rotacap. Duova 12mcg/18mcg

Duova Rotacaps are inhalation capsules that contain a combination of two bronchodlators, formoterol and tiotropium used for long-term treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Formoterol is a bronchodilator while Tiotropium is an anticholinergic. They work by relaxing the muscles in the airways and widen the airways. Together, they make breathing easier.

Duova Rotacaps contain a combination treatment used for the long-term maintenance treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), which is a progressive obstructive airways disease that usually gets worse with time. COPD has symptoms similar to asthma caused by bronchospasm, including tightness of the chest, wheezing and shortness of breath, as well as chronic cough with sputum production because the lung tissues have become damaged. Duova Rotacaps provides improved action to open airways and improve breathing, which helps relieve symptoms, where a single medication has not been sufficiently effective.


Formoterol (12mcg) + Tiotropium (18mcg)


Duova 12mcg/18mcg Rotacap is used in the treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Direction to Use

  • You should use your Duova Rotacaps as recommended by your doctor, usually one inhalation capsule once daily. The inhalation capsules should not be swallowed and the dry powder contents should be inhaled using the rotahaler/revolizer as recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Place the capsule at the base of rotahaler, not in the mouthpiece.
  • Twist the mouthpiece completely until your hear a click and breathe in deeply through the mouthpiece.
  • Hold your breath for up to 10 seconds.
  • If some powder remains in the rotahaler repeat the process. You should continue to use your Duova Rotacaps continually for as long as your doctor recommends.
  • You should not stop taking your Duova Rotacaps, even if you feel better.

Side Effects

The most commonly reported side effects when taking Duova Rotacaps include: dry mouth and throat, cough, rapid heartbeat (tachycardia), blurred vision, high pressure in the eye (glaucoma), oral candida (thrush), dizziness, nausea, constipation, upset stomach, stuffy nose, dysphonia (hoarse voice), sinusitis, viral Infection, bronchitis, chest pain, tremors, dizziness, insomnia, tonsillitis, rash. Paradoxical bronchospasm is uncommon but can occur in which your Rotacaps worsens your breathing. Also hypokalaemia (low blood potassium) is an uncommon but serious side effect.

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