• Inj. Abhayrab vaccine-0.5ml

Inj. Abhayrab vaccine-0.5ml

Generic Name: Rabies vaccine
Human Biologicals Institute
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Information about Inj. Abhayrab vaccine-0.5ml

Abhayrab contains Rabies vaccine which is an inactivated vaccine. It helps develop immunity by forming antibodies, which are proteins that protect against infection caused by viruses.

Rabies immune globulin binds the rabies virus, preventing it from invading the central nervous system. This affords time for the rabies vaccine, which is also administered in cases of rabies exposure, to induce an immune response to destroy the virus. Rabies immunoglobulin should only be administered up to eight days after exposure as the host begins to produce sufficient antibodies to the virus one week after exposure. Repeat dosing should also be avoided as it may interfere with induction of immune response by the rabies vaccine.


Abhayrab vaccine is used for prevention of Rabies.

Direction to Use

Abhayrab will be given to you /your child by a doctor or nurse who has been trained to give vaccines.

The vaccine is given as an injection into a muscle (usually in the upper arm, or in small children, into the muscle of the thigh).

Side Effects

Pain, Joint pain, Injection site redness, Injection site swelling, Swelling of lymph nodes

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