• Inj. Vaxigrip vaccine-0.5ml

Inj. Vaxigrip vaccine-0.5ml

Generic Name: Influenza vaccine
Sanofi India Ltd
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Information about Inj. Vaxigrip vaccine-0.5ml

Vaxigrip containing influenza vaccine is an inactivated vaccine (made from a dead virus). It helps develop immunity by forming antibodies, which are proteins that protect against infection caused by viruses present in the vaccine.


influenza vaccine is used for Prevention of influenza. It is also used to prevent H1N1 influenza (Swine flu). It is recommended in people at greater risk of experiencing complications of influenza (flu), including adults over the age of 65, pregnant women, children under the age of 5, and patients with weakened immune systems due to chronic illness.

Direction to Use

VAXIGRIP is given as an injection, usually into muscle or tissue below the skin of upper arm (adults and children) or leg (infants and young children). VAXIGRIP should not be injected directly into the veins.

Side Effects

Headache, Weakness, Injection site allergic reaction

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