• G-Thione whitening face wash

G-Thione whitening face wash

Generic Name: Glutathione 1%
Surbhitam Pharmaceuticals Private Limited
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Information about G-Thione whitening face wash

G-Thione (Glutathione) whitening face wash is a perfect addition  to your skincare routine. It very effectively lightens, clean and hydrates the skin. It reduces the dark spots from your face. It has got an advanced formula which is used to balance the natural skin oil balance. This product is a very powerful anti-oxidant, antifungal and anti-bacterial agent that prevents the formation of the blemishes, pimples and dark spots. It is very effective in attaining the flawless, supple, soft and smooth skin. It washes away all the impurities and the tan leaving the skin reju-venated, refreshed and oil free.


L Glutathione 1%, Niacinamide (vit b3 ) 1%, vitamin c 0.5%, glycyrrhiza glabra root extract 2%, nannochloropsis oculata extract and pullulan 1%, millicapsules encapsulated (vit E ) 0.5%.

Direction to Use

G-thione whitening facewash should be used twice daily. it should be applied on wet face, create lather and then rinse with water.

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