• Enema. Ezivac-30ml

Enema. Ezivac-30ml

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Generic Name: Glycerin and sodium chloride
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Information about Enema. Ezivac-30ml

Ezivac Enema belongs to a group of laxatives which soften stools if you are constipated, by causing water to be absorbed into the bowel. They also have a mild irritant action which causes you to have an urge to empty your bowels soon after using it.

Ezivac is an anorectal preparation which initiates defecation in 30 minutes.


Ezivac enema is a 30 ml solution containing Glycerin 15% w/v and Sodium chloride 15% w/v.


Ezivac Enema may be used whenever an enema is necessary due to short term (acute) or long term (chronic) constipation, by people of all ages, including the elderly and children of 3 years and older. It is also used to promote emptying of the bowel for women at the start of labour.

Direction to Use

  • Lie in left lateral position and flex both the legs at the knee and hip joints, gently insert the lubricated nozzle into the anal opening and squeeze the container till the solution is emptied into the rectum. 
  • Use under medical supervision.

Side Effects

Ezivac enema does not usually cause any unwanted effects, but occasionally it may cause a slight feeling of cramp.

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