What Makes Us Different From Others?

One of Nepal's most reputable online as well as physical pharmacies, 24 Seven Health and Beauty, was founded in 2017 and has been providing medication and beauty products to the entire nation ever since. Over the past 5 years, our main focus has been on delivering the right medication at the right time to the doorsteps of our valued customers. The health of our customers is what matters most to us. All products displayed in the 24 Seven pharmacy store and on the website are procured from verified and licensed suppliers from within and outside the nation. We believe in providing healthcare products conveniently at a reasonable price. 

Here are a few of the services that have distinguished us from the beginning and that we have been offering to our valued clients.

Quality medical and beauty products at a reasonable price: As pioneers in the healthcare segment, we understand the importance of quality. So, we ensure that each item sold through our physical and online stores is examined for authenticity, quality, and compliance at a reasonable price.

Prompt and hassle-free service: We deliver pharmaceutical medicines, beauty care products, or medical supplies to our valued customers without them having to step out or wait in a queue to buy them. At 24 Seven Health and Beauty, we ensure the quality and safety of online pharmacy services with consistent and hassle-free services.

Knowledgeable and experienced pharmacists: Our staff are well trained and equipped with the proper knowledge and skills to deliver safe and efficient services to our valued customers. 

24/7 Service: As our name implies, we are available to help and provide door-to-door service for 24 hours. So, our valued customers can order their needs at any time and the medicine will be delivered to their doorstep.

Availability of Doctor Consultations: Being the official pharmacy of Metro Kathmandu Hospital, we guarantee that our clients have access to the appropriate medical advice and prescriptions from doctors on-site.

Expansive Range of Medications: Nearly all categories of healthcare, health supplements, and beauty products are listed for you to choose from. The expansive selection of products that are available on the website and in-store makes it easy for valued customers to find what they need without having to spend hours browsing through different sites or looking at physical stores. This saves time and money, which is significant when dealing with medical issues where every second counts!
Customer Friendly: We are customer friendly and we respect the opinions of our customers, as we believe that they are the reason we are where we are today. We put a lot of effort into fulfilling customer demands at the appropriate moment so they can be attended to quickly.

Authenticity and Reliability: Safeguarding confidential information is our top priority. So, all the information of customers is preserved and protected safely. For us, what matters most is the privacy of our customers.

The pharmacy landscape is changing due to the evolving needs and preferences of consumers. So, we have come up with the idea of providing health facilities online and distributing a wide range of pharmaceutical products to cure your disease effectively. Despite your busy schedule, we recommend you get your medical needs from the certified and trusted pharma industry. Don’t worry about being new to the online pharmacy world—we, 24 Seven Health and Beauty are always here to assist and provide you with the best service at your doorstep. 

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